Monthly Events

Covid-19 Update

 All events at Coal Creek are cancelled until further notice. This includes Geek Fest, Heritage Craft Day, the Literary Festival and Halloween.

The events have been cancelled in the interest of community safety. The layout of the park means that we cannot ensure that the State Government’s social distancing provisions are complied with.

 Council is in the process of developing a plan to reopen Coal Creek Community Park and Museum to align with State Government guidelines for providing a safe environment for visitors, staff and volunteers during COVID-19.  

Unlike many other museums that have a confined space in which they can control the activities they provide, at Coal Creek Community Park and Museum the buildings do not meet the current guidelines of being able to have 50 people inside them and still adhere to the four square meter ruling.

 A staged plan will allow the reassessment of operations to align with Government directives in order to provide a safe environment for visitors, volunteers and staff.

Farmers Market 2020:

Every second Saturday of the month

Farmers Market Pic for website