Virtual Lessons

Virtual lessons that cover life at school in the late 1800’s are now available. For more information click here.

Learning Resources-  To help teachers during Covid-19

Here are worksheets for lower primary students. They cover the Victorian History Curriculum and are designed to be used for home learning. They compare life now with that of the late 1800’s through using Coal Creek Community Park and Museum as a source.

Coal Creek – Education Programs – General Store

Coal Creek – Education Programs – Laundry

Coal Creek – Education Programs – School in 1901

Looking for a quality excursion that offers good value and achieves curriculum outcomes?

Let your students discover the past through our unique historical buildings and collection. Our learning experiences transport your students back in time to what it would have been like to be one of the early settlers in the area.

Delivered by professional educators we offer a variety of ability inclusive programs, all of which meet current curriculum requirements. We are also an autism friendly site, with social scripts available.

Our professional development sessions share strategies and approaches to help support your teaching of history.

So come and explore; you will be surprised at what we have to offer.

Education booking form 2020

Please note that all education programs in 2020 will start at 10.45am, please be on site by 10.15am.