Education Programs 2021

Education package- Onsite visits.

Our 2021 education program is as follows;

For $10 including GST, your school has exclusive access to the park between 10 and 2 on either Wednesdays or Thursdays during term time. We can take upto 96 students in one visit. Larger groups will need to split across 2 days.

Every student experiences a 30 minute Victorian style school lesson in the old school house, covering the 3R’s, in this interactive session. The session compares and contrasts life at school between now and the 1890’s.

Two self guided interpretative tour fact sheets will be provided for teachers to interpret the site for students. One about the main street, one about the old pioneer houses and tools.

Some buildings are open to see the collections. Many of the other buildings (we have 50+) can be explored from the outside looking through windows and walking around the outside.

There is a suggested nature walk at the bottom of the park, with lots of flora and fauna. The wallabies frequent the area and there is also the water wheel to look at, which makes a good discussion point on forms of energy available to the pioneers.

An undercover lunch and bag zone is provided.

Quoits and skittles are aviable in your lunch zone for your use.

Virtual Lessons

Are you looking for a high-quality virtual excursion for your primary class? This experience can be modified to suit classes learning at school or learning from home .

Let your students experience what school life was like in the 1890’s through this immersive Virtual Excursion. Beaming live from the Old School House at Coal Creek Community Park and Museum, students will be able to compare and contrast their school lives to that of a student in an 1890’s Victorian School. 

The following Victorian Curriculum based content will be covered:

  • Travelling to school
  • School Life – including seating arrangements and punishments.
  • The 3R’s – Reading, Writing and Arithmetic.


This is a 30 minute session and requires the following: 

For classes where students are learning in school:

  • access to a screen to see the session (preferably a smartboard or smart TV). 
  • A camera is available so the presenter can see and interact with the students.
  • Relevant permissions are in place for the presenter to see the students.
  • The presenter will need first names of a number of students willing to volunteer in the session. e.g to stand in a corner to demonstrate a punishment in a Victorian-era school or a hand cleanliness inspection for readiness to write!

For classes where students are learning from home:

  • access to a device (computer, tablet, phone etc) to see the session
  • secure access to the Webex link (link will be sent to the teacher to forward to students) 
  • Pen and paper to take part in a writing exercise.

Cost $50 inc GST per session. A maximum of 4 classes per session.

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