Visiting Information

Open Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

It’s free to enter; but visitors are required to book tickets via this link.


There will be limited numbers and 2 timeslots 10am to 12-pm and 1pm- 3pm available to keep everyone COVIDSAFE.

The park will be reopening in stages. In this first stage the outbuildings will not be open and the train will not be operating.

All events at Coal Creek are cancelled until further notice. This includes Geek Fest, Heritage Craft Day, the Literary Festival and Halloween.

The events have been cancelled in the interest of community safety. The layout of the park means that we cannot ensure that the State Government’s social distancing provisions are complied with.

 Council is in the process of developing a plan to reopen Coal Creek Community Park and Museum to align with State Government guidelines for providing a safe environment for visitors, staff and volunteers during COVID-19.

 A staged plan will allow the reassessment of operations to align with Government directives in order to provide a safe environment for visitors, volunteers and staff.

Please wear comfortable walking shoes and appropriate clothing as we are an outdoor, living history museum.

To best experience Coal Creek, we recommend that you allow at least three hours at our site. We encourage you to book to ensure you are able to visit on your preferred day.

Please note, for the safety and comfort of all Coal Creek patrons, dogs are not permitted on the premises.

Please be aware that children under 16 years of age must be accompanied by an adult whilst in the park.

Bus Timetable between Melbourne and Coal Creek

During your visit you can see the:

General Store                                                                    Coal Creek Spinners

general20store20liz  Avis

O’Gilpins Drapery                                                                               Blacksmith

IMG_2852  black

Diesel Train                                                                        Interactive Guides

483190_131469140326554_1432200665_n_2  IMG_2922


Steam Train

Unfortunately our steam train is not currently running. however our diesel train still is.

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