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Virtual Tour of the Park

We are excited to announce that a new virtual tour of the park will be on this website soon. In the mean time here is a sneak peak of what is to come.

Jigsaws of the Park

New jigsaws are posted weekly via our facebook page.

Another Jigsaw for you to have a go at. This is a view of Jeetho and Clunes Schools. One of the unique things about Coal Creek and Community Park and Museum is that many of our buildings are originals that have been brought on site.

Try out this jigsaw. It is a view from Boston’s carriage works looking down the park.

Local History

A good idea to do with Primary students is to look at the history of your local area. Contact your local historical society they have lots of great information. In the local history project done at Coal Creek Community Park and Museum in 2016, students form Korumburra Primary School interviewed Ray Walls from the Korumburra Historical Society.

The Victorian curriculum states to look at significant people who have contributed to the development of the area. Antonio Radovick “The Father of Korumburra” was chosen. Ray had spent a great deal of time researching Radovick so was a great person to be interviewed. During Covid-19 perhaps you could set up on online chat!

Have a listen to Ray he has some really interesting information to share.

Ian Lester


Ian Lester one of our long term volunteers passed away in March this year. He had amazing knowledge of the timbers skills of the early pioneers and many visitors to the park would have regularly seen him demonstrating this knowledge. In this video he talks to local students about how the land.

The Learning Stones Project

In November 2013 Coal Creek Education Programs worked in conjunction with the Learning Stones Project to create a cultural awareness space at Coal Creek Community Park and Museum. The Learning Stones project was run by John Murray a Koori Education Officer who said at the time, the project was about “creating a place of reflection, a place to identify with culture or just to have some quiet time.”

VCAL Students from Korumburra Secondary College worked with Coal Creek staff to landscape an area in the park, adding a firepit and totem poles.

Guided by local Gunai-Kurnai artist Ronald Edwards the VCAL students assist Primary Students from Poowong Consolidated School to paint the totem poles. A smoking ceremony was conducted by Ronald and the area was officially opened.


Meet the Mine Manager

The Coal Creek mining syndicate was formed in 1883 by Melbourne investors wishing to prospect for coal in the Korumburra district. The Coal Creek Proprietary Company started working the deposits from 1889. The first railway load of coal departed for Melbourne on 28th October 1892, enabling the mine to be the first profitable mine in Victoria. Under the leadership of the mine’s manager Mr James Hardwick, the company was able to pay £26,000 in dividends by October 1895.

This is a video depicting James Hardwick arriving in Korumburra, all based on research done by the team at Coal Creek.

The Doctor’s Surgery at Coal Creek is named after Dr Edward Strahan who practiced in Korumburra from 1885. He had a small surgery near the coal lease on Mine Road, amongst the miner’s cottages and “Jump Town” (a miners tent village at the edge of Korumburra). Dr Strahan actively helped miner’s, especially during times of industrial unrest. He was known as the “colliery surgeon”. Dr Strahan was very vocal on poor living conditions and helped to bring about change in his role of Medical Officer of Health, at the Shire. Dr Strahan left the town in 1906 and had made a real impression on the miners. They respected him so much they presented him with a certificate of appreciation. He went on to be the Medical Officer at the Carlton Football Club.

Dr Strahan Illumination

In this video an actor brings Dr Strahan to life with a scripted based on what we know about him and the area from historical research.

This video features Liz Leigh who was a volunteer in our General Store for over 20 years. Here Liz is sharing her knowledge of life in the past with students of Poowong Consolidated School, who made the video several years ago. Liz sadly passed away in 2018 but here her knowledge lives on.

Learning Resources

Here are two worksheets for lower primary students. They cover the Victorian History Curriculum and are designed to be used for home learning. They compare life now with that of the late 1800’s through using Coal Creek Community Park and Museum as a source.

Coal Creek – Education Programs – General Store

Coal Creek – Education Programs – Laundry

Coal Creek – Education Programs – School in 1901

Welcome to Coal Creek Community Park and Museum!

Coal Creek was established in 1974 when a new home for the old Korumburra Courthouse was required. From this single building a historic village was born. The park has undergone many changes over its 40+ years of operation, all of these changes culminating in an authentic feeling coal mining village spanning from the 1870s to the 1920s.

Coal Creek Community Park and Museum is home to over half a million collection items ranging from trains to thimbles. Each piece is important as it helps us to tell the story of life in South Gippsland during pioneer times.

In 2014 Coal Creek Community park and Museum attained museum accreditation through the Museum Accreditation Program (MAP), Museums Victoria.

Come, visit us and immerse yourself in the past.

Before your visit you have the opportunity to view some of our objects online through the Victorian Collections website.
Coal Creek Community Park and Museum, Victorian Collections

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If you have any enquiries about donating collection items please email our Curatorial Officer

Please note our Curatorial Officer is in the office on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

**Please note: Coal Creek Community Park and Museum is unable to provide estimates of the value of items you hold.
We suggest you approach a registered antique valuer to gain that information.



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