Escape Room @ Coal Creek

Escape Room @ Coal Creek

Opening Dates;

NEW DATE: Sunday 14/01/2018 SOLD OUT
Saturday 20/01/2018 SOLD OUT
Sunday – Geekfest 21/01/2018   SOLD OUT



After a long and perilous journey, you and your team of researchers have finally found the long lost Chronos Time Machine! People said it was lost forever, some claimed it had never existed at all, but they were wrong. Who could have guessed it would be hidden for centuries at Coal Creek, Korumburra?

   But oh no! One of your researchers (we all know the one) accidentally activated the Chronos Time Machine and it has transported you all back to Coal Creek in the late 1800s!

   Now you find yourselves trapped in the vault of the Poowong National Bank, an alarm bell is being sounded and you have been very angrily informed that the police are on their way.

   Find a way out of the vault and back to your own time unless you want to spend the rest of your lives trapped in an 1800s prison!

What is an escape room?

An escape room is a test of your lateral thinking and team work skills. You will be looked in a room (don’t worry, due to fire safety the door isn’t actually locked behind you) in this room there will be clues and puzzles that you must solve in order to open a series of locks and doors to escape. Escape rooms are timed and the time limit for this room is 30 minutes. Escape rooms aren’t meant to be easy, but they aren’t impossible either, it’s up to you and your team (2-5 people) to see if you can escape on time.

Is it scary?

No, it’s not. The theme of GeekFest for 2018 is time travel and this theme has been incorporated into this escape room.

Is there an age limit?

There isn’t an age limit but we would suggest that children should be 8+ to get the most out of the experience. Please note, children under 15 are required to be accompanied by an adult inside the room.


Tickets are $10 per person and teams can be between 2-5 members. You can purchase your tickets from Coal Creek Community Park and Museum, either in person or over the phone. Tickets must be paid for at time of booking as time slots are limited.

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